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How much does G2Foto wedding photography cost?

It could cost 178.000 HUF or 275.000 HUF or 436.000 HUF.

The final price is determined by different factors:

  • How long do you need our service?
  • How many photos would you like to receive?
  • Do you plan to have creative couple photo session?
  • Would you like to have on the same or a different day?
  • How fast would you like to have the final photos?
  • Do I have to bring my professional drone camera?
  • Have you already seen our unique and exclusive wedding albums?
  • Etc.

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Have a look at it, check the prices, show it to your partner and THEN we can sit down to talk. I would like to know your story because I must have a personal touch. I’d like to know your personality and the dynamics of your relationship, I have been doing this for 15 years and I know that this is essential for me to satisfy you.

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You can peek into of on my private photo session and look how I work and how I deal with my models. We can take a few photos about you, too. Based on this experience you can decide whether you want to work with me or not.